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Netherlands - Day423

It's more than a year now in Netherlands.

It is hot now; 22 to  23 degree C  - i can cycle to work wearing a thin T-shirt - without any jacket, muffler or gloves. It feels good without that irritating jacket.

The sun is bright now outside. The warmth during day is so comforting. 

Last Sunday we had gone out to Museumplein. A very short visit to Rijk museum and then spent most of the time in the open green space outside the museum. 

There were many people who had come to sit and enjoy the sun and relax. 

Romir has started to mingle now with others... He played, laughed and ran along with 3 , 4 other kids... he enjoyed a lot.  There was a time when we were afraid that he was not mingling with his friends and would be on his own - playing alone and remaining aloof in the class. It is heartening to see him opening up with others and interacting and playing with friends.

Sometimes boredom takes it's toll and mind seeks for change. Sometimes the inner self softly whispers - wait... and gently move along with the wave... Live life. Breathe air and stay calm. 

On the 423rd day in Netherlands... leaving with some photos we took during weekend visit to Museumplein and Rijk Museum.

<photos to be uploaded later>

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