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Netherlands - Day39

A lot of things have happened over these days... and they happened fast. And I found less and less time for writing. So I would rather give a speedy narration - A friend gave me real estate person - Dan's number and I called him and requested for a house within 1200-1300 euros (inclusive) per month rent. I requested him to arrange the house ASAP.

Dan returned my call with the options - I selected one that was close to my work and also 1250 I could bargain down to. A clear cut distinct decision without any doubt - I have always been helped by a sixth or seventh - you might call that - sense - which insinuates me to lock a decision in the split second - which always helped me - from trivial things like choosing a shirt - to important ones like deciding on my soul mate after our first meeting.

A bathroom,modular kitchen, study room, bedroom and drawing room with a big LCD TV. Fully furnished and wooden floor. All gadgets that you can ever imagine of - ready to use... printer, dvd player, washing machine, dish washer, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and so on... Well that is the way all fully furnished houses you get here in NL and I had thought only I had been blessed with this fortune. Not the case though. All are equally fortunate like me - except I think for one thing - In the ground floor I have another empty storage space - an enclosed one - which I can use for painting - Now you think I could ask for more than that? And the word came from the horse's mouth - I mean the landlord.

We moved in to our new rented house on the second week of our landing in NL. 1st week - we had spent in ibis hotel near schiphol airport plaza ( amsterdam airport). Just below our appartment there are two shops - 1. Aldi 2. Deen We get all that we can ever need in these two shops. Everything starting from Indian curry masala, all types of vegetables, fish, mutton and what not. Nothing you need to carry (except medicines) from India - because everything is available here.

There are a few parks over here - and we generally go to a park, a few steps away from here... The sea-saw, slides and other items - that children generally love to play on - Romir loves them and spends a lot of time. And he has also found an elder sister - 3-4 years old who loves to play with him. Both of them run around and play with each other happily. This is a relief for us - as we were more concerned about his being lonely in this part of the world - all of a sudden - especially  after being so very active and social with kids from neighbors in India.

And this nation is crazy for football... all of them beating some poor ball out of it's skin in some part of the park - either in a team or lonesome - doesn't matter - what matters is the round ball. Still struggling to find a table-tennis club - where I can start playing once more. I better do that soon - TT skill I had amassed painfully over the years is otherwise going to wane away and one that shuddered to even think of challenging me may dub me down in straight sets... humiliation I can't think I can digest. A defeat is after all a defeat - and even the matured of the lot - struggles to put up with defeat in peace. And I am no different. Though I smile - but my heart burns with the sharpness of a razor, fury of sun, and vengeance of Russel Crowe in Gladiator.

Yes I wanted to share something more - When I was new here, in hotel IBIS, I was struggling to find drinking water. I walked up to the receptionist and uttered - "Where is drinking water in my room?"
"It comes from the tap," she had replied nonchalantly.
"You mean the bathroom tap?" I queried in surprise and confusion to which she replied -
"Yes ofcourse."
I checked once more with her and was shocked to know that in Netherlands - there is no difference between waters - bathing water, toilet-flushing water or drinking water - all waters are same- and all pure and potable.

But I thought in my mind, "I rather watch out the way I express my surprise, because it happened one day - when I told one of my Indian friends staying here - about how clean and pure vegetables are - he had replied in a sarcastic tone - Abe tera pehla onsite hai kya?" I gulped his words feeling bad and foolish from within and learning another lesson quite the hard way - let it be different or unique to whatever extent - it might be - don't say all that to your onsite friends in the naive way - nod your head and act as if yeahhh....thats the way it is - or be thick-skinned. Your choice. Mine is the former.

The current generation - our generatinon, i.e, is not very keen on initiating a conversation  As for the older generations - my parents, your parents and their parents - they would wait and attack the slightest of the opportunities to talk with people from home land. Actually even I am not very willing to start a conversation - with anybody - for whatever reason - a habit I feel is not very good. We need to be more warm and social, of course within certain limits.

These days the sun sets very late - even at 10'PM night your will find traces of orange sun on the may-sky. June, July will be hotter I guess. And then I think sun will survive all the way deep into midnight. Have to check that. Some of the pictures are shown below - 

Appartment we live in here - 

Living Room

A lazy stroll outside home

Swans in the nearby pond - 

 Waiting for the bus in Burg. Kootlan Bus-stop. This is the same place from where I take Bus number 140 to Beechavenue - my work place. 


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