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Netherlands - Day 317

31st jan, 2014, when i was on my way to work on a bicycle, i couldn't help but take this photo of narrow water body - upper layer of which turned into ice. The temperatature: -3 degree C. The lowest so far in Netherlands. However I have heard that this year winter has been quite generous. 

 the upper icy layer

Work as usual remains hectic - so much so that it becomes difficult to enjoy life. Amidst all this, Romir is continuously growing up - tomorrow is his first day to school. His mother - excited and happy - is preparing everything for him - water bottle, dress etc; she is little nervous too...

I was impressed by this sheet she prepared for all that Romir can do. Here it goes...




Romir's fantasy with toy vehicles continues.

He talks a lot now; picks up a remote or a mouse and acts as if he is busy talking serious talks on phone. A very good example of how small kids copy from grown-up sand play the mimic part brilliantly.

However off late he has started enjoying painting as well. He recognizes colors - and likes to put. I am sure his Ram uncle would appreciate a lot. 


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