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Netherlands - Day 1808 (Very cold now)

Its that time of the year when it one expects cold weather. But this cold! No! This is first time seeing so much drop in temperature in Netherlands. It’s been hovering around the minus 6 degree for the last 3 or 4 days continuously. Day time sun light is misleading and the moment you step out you realise the jacket that normally comforts you outside fails to shield you from the cruel cold. Five layers of dress including the outer jacket is now what I put on to go to office. The only comforting factor is there is no rain which means no snow on the roads. The lakes/canals are all covered in snow, even the bigger ones and people are walking, sliding and playing on them. What a treat it is to walk on a lake covered with snow...  I can only imagine, though never have done that and of course intend to do that sometime. But laziness takes the better of me or rather us all the time as weekends we are always within the four walls of home and weekdays are spent in office. Lot of things to do at home - drawings, paintings, chess, YouTube video, playing with Romir - time flies just like that and Friday evening to Monday morning goes away in the blink of an eye. It’s been quite sometime we have visited India and we are all eager to go but then situation is such that we have to wait for some more time. Don’t know when the time will come.  ˙

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