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Netherlands - Day 1367 (Winter again... )

Winters can be so boring in Netherlands. There is no place to go... not much excitement.  It's freezing cold everywhere. You remain packed in home.

But it also gives a lot of opportunities - specially in today's times when we have access to internet. If you go to youtube - you can type in any topic of your interest and there will be many videos. You can just go over them one by one and keep exploring.

Ted talks, travel blogs, philosophy, painting and so many topics - you can just watch whatever you want. 

Everything that you watch teaches you something new. Not necessarily everything is 100 percent new. Because at times you might already know it but it remains somehow dormant - so when you come across a similar line of thought presented in a new way it may rekindle your own thoughts and take it to another dimension. 

Then there are books that one can order online and read books. 

Is winter boring? No, not really.... If only you realize the amount of productive hours you can invest in your own self during weekend or other holidays.

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