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Netherlands - Day 1172: Is it necessary to say hello and smile when you see a stranger

This is in response to a recent fb message in one of the communities that the Indians don't greet or smile when they come across each other, or when the eyes happen meet on a road or in a mall...

I was wondering - from when this sudden expectation to greet or smile when an Indian come across another Indian stranger came into place... I mean why? Tomorrow you move along in life and career and go to a place where people hug when they meet and you are supposed to throw comments in similar lines - that Indians don't hug each other when they meet...

I mean, does this make any sense? Does it make sense to copy everything and ignore your own originality? 

If one is in a hurry or engrossed in something he can continue to be in that state. One shouldn't be considered rude in doing so. 

At other times one can say hello and then give a warm smile and if time permits may be initiate a conversation. But this is optional... 

Good feeling and warmth for the other person might always be present irrespective of whether that is shown with an external gesture (a smile) or whether one remains silently engrossed in his own-self. When the mind is matured - outward expression doesn't matter. As an example - in some customs there is Mother's day and in some customs there isn't. This doesn't necessarily make child's love for mother more in one case compared to the other. 

However it is true that when one goes to a new place he should try to follow the rules and customs while interacting with the natives of that place. So if you are an Indian and you happen to meet a Dutch Stranger, definitely you should smile and greet him with a warm "Hello"


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