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Netherlands - Day 1088 (Beautiful Den Hag and Scheveningen Beach)

Early morning I left for collecting Passport from VLC in Den Haag.

Took the opportunity to roam around the city and enjoyed the fresh air on Scheveningen Beach. Lovely afternoon, warm sun and there was not much wind - this made a perfect set up to walk around the city of Den Haag. 

Around 4:50 pm i returned VLC and took my renewed Passport along with the old one. 

Very silent beach, the waves don't roar like they do in Puri Beach or the Goa Beaches... here if you move away a few meteres away, you can't hear the sounds of the waves... that's a let down for sure... but the sand is very good - powdery and clean... there are lots of shells - which enhance the beauty of the beach... 

it's cold most of the time and you are bound to be tempted to enter some of the cafes near the beach to escape from the cool breeze. However today there wasn't much breeze and we (my friend Raghav and me) spent a lot of time lying on the beach with our face towards the sun. Awesome feeling. 

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