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Flying to India - post chicken pox story

I somehow survived the Chicken Pox (Jan 18 to Jan 21, 2016). And I was worried that I might have to cancel the tickets to India as I was just recovering after the dreaded ordeal. However I became more and more confident soon after and was ready to take the flight. 

So here I am travelling all alone - as Sanchita and Romir had already left earlier. 

This is the pic through the Plane-Window. Can you spot the distant tiny plane flying with an elongated black trail of smoke? Give it a try and you would be surprised, I bet. I actually took this pic and was surprised to discover that plane later. 

8th Feb, 2016, I reach Delhi airport. It was past midnight. Can you see in below pic - how the spots of the chicken pox are staring at the camera. And I am worried as to how to roam about with these spots amidst friends and relatives.

Going through immigration was really very tiresome. And after that locating the flight that would take me from Delhi to Bangalore was even more difficult. The airport was big and decorations were awesome, however, there were no proper indications. Finally, I managed to find the place from where I would be boarding. 

Ok, so finally i reached Bangalore in the morning. I took a taxi and the driver was too garulous to allow me to absorb the city after a gap of almost three and a half years. Bangalore looked the same - well, traffic should have increased by now, but did I notice? May be the busy hour was yet to kick in so I couldn't see any difference in traffic. I don't remember the exact time now.

When I stopped infront of a sweet-shop and bought sweets - it was then that the price of the sweets hit me like a stack of bricks. May be i spent near about two thousand rupees and had a hanful of Sandesh and a pot of Rasgulla. How much the price has increased? My God, My God!


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