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Netherlands - Day831

Suddenly I seemed to notice that June 2015 is about to end - and i have written only 1 blog in this month... And somehow i wanted to add one more - and so this blog!

It's peak summer now - finally, and the sun is bright and warm during cloud-less days! Unfortunately most of the weekends remain cold, windy and cloudy. Temperatures hover around - 16 to 20 degree now - and there is no need to wear a jacket on a sunny day now. A trip to beach can be full of fun - hoping to make one next month.

Going out somewhere is hugely dependent on weather forecast... its been quite some days now that we have gone out of our home on weekends - the holidays have dried down as well... Our last visit was Maastricht and that appears long time back! 

How time flies - here we are sitting and with the blink of an eye - days, months and years pass by... 

Romir turns 4 years tomorrow. He is now fluent in Dutch as well as English - well almost! though the occasional mistakes in his sentences sound so sweet that we don't feel like correcting... however we do correct! 

Today he distributed gifts in his school and sang song along with his classmates. He has gelled well with his friends and on August he is going to big-school. Now he wants do everything on his own - he doesn't want to be helped in anything... he says - i am 4 years old - i am big.

Work in office and personal life at home - I have always found hard to have a balance between the two - it's so difficult and one realm does bounces against and sometimes wedges into another - as i have always maintained and again feel like vouchsafing - Sanchita  has taken the complete ownership of his schooling, tutoring and everything - and that has allowed me to remain absorbed in my work peacefully - as i am writing this - i was remotely logged into my office machine- and performing some tasks - work has almost engulfed my whole life  - could i have afforded to remain so busy without her cooperation. A big NO.

I was watching a TED show - in fact 2 TED shows - about the importance of practicing empathy. It is not rocket science philosophy ... not a difficult path to follow - it's quite simple - coming out of your own shoes and getting into another's shoes and thinking from his perspective... One of the things that caught my attention is the simple act of listening to someone's story - day to day activity - or simply noticing the other person's moves - can make you wired with a wifi-like connection and you would feel like helping and caring. It is this very act of taking a pause, noticing, observing that gives rise to a desire to help and care - i might have used my words in expressing the thought... and so when Romir draws a painting i try to pause, notice and applaud his effort, when Romir's mother narrates the activities in school - i try to pause and be all ears to her - and then i do try to respond... to encourage her effort. 

However i do remain absent minded, half-caught in half-completed office work and so on...

I am only trying...

Not much in this episode of my Experience in Netherlands. However i would urge all to subscribe to Netflix and watch some of the good movies and series - that are available in good HD Quality. Recently i finished this series - Spartacus and really really liked...

It's good to take membership in library - there are so many books that can be availed for such a nominal fee - around 60 euro per year. Yes, i must say - if one is in Netherlands - he must visit the museums - the Van Gogh Museum, Stedjelijk, Anne Frank's Huis, Cobra Museum in Amstelveen - to name a few - they are simply awesome. 

I keep watching sports even now - i watched Djoko go down  to - forgetting his name, in Paris open. I watched India losing in wc in Australia against Australia... I watched my snooker Idol - Sullivan going down rather cheaply in recent snooker championships, Barca going all the way in champion's league without any difficulty whatsoever, i didn't get surprised when Serena Williams won the French open as well... watching sports can be fun as well as educative... the various emotions you go through as you support your team or player - enables you to absorb and live those valuable lessons - experiences - which in turn can be used in real life situations - so i enjoy sports and i watch all kind of sports... Dexterity on pool table as increased now - i can aim the balls with quite an astounding accuracy - enough to surprise my friends - i win most of the games and this gives me a good high... my interest in pool has also resulted in downloading a pool-app and i play in my smartphone as well - bad habit that i know - but then what to do...

its now 2 mins remaining - for June to be over - I won't wake my son up to say Happy Birthday and will wait for tomorrow morning...Bye bye bye!

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