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What I learnt from Amitabh today

I was watching a video of Amitabh Bachchan's Frankly speaking interview with Arnab Goswami. Arnab's questions can be very irritating sometimes - harping on the same point again and again even if the interviewer expresses irritation and discomfort - but the way he handled the questions was really impressive. Amitabh acknowledged that he had the weaker position in the interview because he had to weigh his sentences... never knowing which one would be interpreted in which way...

Such a huge person and such humility - what emerges in this conversation is also the fact that when he had gone completely bankrupt - he was in very deep pain - hopelessness, anxiety and despair - searching for ways and means to come out of the vast vacuum of debt. It was this period of darkness which taught him the true lessons of life and from these depths of crisis emerged the newer version of AB - call it AB 2.0. The new version is no more willing to repeat the same mistakes that the older version is committed. He somehow manages to find newer assignments, opportunities - and en-cashes on them with all his ability. Within a very short period of time he not only repays his debts but also takes himself towards a new path of abundance and prosperity.

Interviews with great personalities are so rich with knowledge, if only we are careful and keen in our observation - the whole experience of a long life can be had (like a capsule) in a 30 minute interview ... and that's why I like to watch good and inspiring videos from you tube.

Life has strange ways of testing a person. And great people always find some way to come out of difficult situations.

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