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The last 15 minutes of Sudha Murthy's speech

Today I saw Sudha Murthy. I was late by almost an hour and missed a good portion of her speech. When I made it to the auditorium it was almost over. I managed to hear only the last 15 minutes. I regretted terribly having missed her complete speech.

She was answering to the questions from the audience. Her mellifluous voice was hypnotizing and penetrated my heart. They were direct and full of wisdom. Her eyes sparkled with goodness, humility and benevolence. Her words emanated from knowledge earned from a life lived with uncompromising values and integrity. And that was so evident in the way she uttered those words.

Whatever I knew about this lovely personality... it was only through her books... through the stories she had written... the valuable insights and lessons they offered. They influenced me a lot; urged me to meditate on the true purpose of life... led me to wonder as to what inspired her to get into multifarious welfare activities... completely selfless and magnanimous... especially when she could have rested on her husband's laurels, enjoying a lavish life without any hardship!!!!!

These stories were written from her own experiences in life. They are simple and full of valuable lessons. And while I read those stories, I had always wanted to have a glimpse of this lovely person some day.

That got fulfilled today... though only the last 15 minutes... however it created a lasting impression. As they say, An association of a few minutes with a noble person is better than spending months in a library. Very true!

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