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The heartbeat...

It's 9:20 PM and I just realized that I had forgotten my 2 sets of push-ups in evening. I didn't bother about the time. Straightaway, I started exerting against the floor and before the guilt feeling could locate me, I was done with the 2 sets of push ups. I felt happy and relieved. 

Something that we do each day should be done repeatedly and never missed for any day. Breaking a continuity is easy but it is the seed that grows into a big irritating tree of inconsistency and then it becomes so difficult to uproot.

Having said that, now I will go to brush, that I completed my dinner. I have been continuously brushing after dinner, for a few days now. Let's see how many days I can continue.

It's so easy to skip your bath during weekend. You simply lie on your couch like a pig and keep hogging and sleeping. You means I... I am talking about myself - But then I also realized - during the days I go to work, I am so diligent in offering morning prayers, taking bath and so on- but what happens during weekends - why do I pull the plug on these activities. So I thought - why not bring these activities under awareness of being part of a set of activities that I do regularly. In other words - I need a mechanism which will trigger me that something is wrong the moment I skip something.

An activity that is repeatedly performed has a heart beat. It may be 1 day, 12 hours, a week or a fort-night - the frequency interval may be more or less, but the heartbeat is present nevertheless. And heartbeat is life. Pulling the plug off this heartbeat is death - while continuing the heartbeat means continuing to live. 

A habit is nothing but this tendency to keep doing something that one does. Good habits yield good results and bad habits yield bad results. Simple calculation but our mind fails to act on this - because we make everything complicated.

That's all for the day today - I have to go and brush my teeth now. 

Bye and sweet dreams.

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