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Bye bye 2013... Welcoming 2014... New Year, New Resolutions.

Happy new year to all my blog-readers!

2014 starts... starts a new chapter with clean slate... some new resolutions... I won't reveal them in my blog though.

It's important to carry forward the fire... then enthusiasm and zeal. Otherwise, age will take its toll and we will find ourselves giving in. We will become cold, passive and lazy. So new year resolutions is just another way of keeping the fuel burning. 

2013 has been an eventful year... Not much paintings, but 4-5 new paintings in the head series and that's all. In this year also I had a long stay outside India for the first time - started on 22'March 2013. Initial few days were very difficult and I was almost going back to homeland... Perseverance and hard effort with little faith saw me continuing work and balancing my emotions... things were steady thereafter. Real friends really come handy at times when the going gets tough... saved me one more time. I have some key friends - I am proud for which - who bail me out in bad times always. Thanks a lot... do I need to mention names... I don't think so.

We should appreciate the importance what we have in hand. Back home those who live with parents aspire for an onsite opportunity... and those who work abroad become fed up with western life style - cold weather, lack of friends, parents, relatives and so on. Bottom line is - he who is happy will remain happy wherever he resides - mount  everest, in a ship in middle of sea or anywhere. We can't get everything according to our wish - we have to compromise on certain fronts.

I am happy with the way I have kept blogging in 2013. A few blogs every month and that is how I would like to continue in 2014 as well. Though the agressive style of Amitabh Bachchan - 1 blog per day - still seems a difficult target for me. And I don't want that now - atleast for the time being. 

Getting up from bed early in the morning has been eluding me for a long time now - in fact I never could get up early. Let us see if I can give it a shot to rectify this bad habit in 2014. The problem is that all my creative tasks start after everyone is asleep - and this often goes on till late night preventing me to wake up early. Very bad - cat trying to catch its tail round and round - that kind of a situation. God...

What else? I wish all you my readers a very happy new year. And I urge all to prepare a list of tasks that you would like to complete this year. Read it out loud or to yourself only whenver you have time. I think this helps. In one of my earlier new year resolutions - I quit smoking - It is now going to be 3rd year - without nicotine. Considering quitting smoking a very difficult target to achieve, I can vouchsafe - new year resolutions do work. 

Make yours - if you haven't yet. It's only the 1st day of the year - take the 1st week - still you have time.

Leaving you all with a view of 2014 New Year celebration from my window.... Enjoy!


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