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Busy like hell ? Or signs of being unproductive?

Off late I have rarely found myself so busy... 

Busy like hell!!!

When I eat I think about work, when I sleep, it's the thought of work that keeps me awake.... work - work, work and work. Pressure is getting to my nerves! I am worried and anxious!

It is at this time I realize the necessity to have a work- life balancing mechanism and also to control mind at will. 

Worry and anxiety only acts as a friction and which drains productivity and efficiency.

One who can remain aloof of all these tensions and at the same time remain responsive to things that ought to be done is the real person - I want to be like him. Like one who sleeps peacefully and gets up and starts working efficiently. Who plans things and executes his plans to perfection. Who attacks to-do list preventing it from compiling up and expanding.

I want to be like him - who is very productive with the minimum effort. The need of the hour is to learn the skill of maximum output with minimum expenditure of energy.

I feel I am spending too much energy and performing little. Am I unproductive? Putting it in different words, can I increase my productivity? Well, there are always rooms for improvement. They say.

I feel bad.


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