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Bringing back the lost charm

Doing something I enjoy comes naturally to me. So chances of me excelling in that particular area is more. That's true.

But it is also true that in the long run, it is not excitement, happiness and enjoyment alone. That will be utopian and least pragmatic! Doing the same thing endlessly for 30 years will require immense dedication, sacrifice, pain and consistency. This is because something that gives me happiness loses its charm after a certain period of time.

Sometimes there will be a phase in which you will be in perfect rythm and flow and generate very good works... and sometimes there will be a phase of depression and boredom and it will entail immense pain to continue. Losing interest gradually... losing sight of the bigger picture and then finally moving away from the same direction of effort blows away everything... all that had been accumulated over a long period of time. You have to again build from scratch.

That I enjoyed once is boredom today
My consistency is lost and so is gay
How to do that from which I refrain?
How to bring back lost charm again?

Generating perpetual happiness from the same work that was once interesting and fun is a different ball game altogether. Getting involved in work, when the mind distracts and disturbs your rythm is important here. Neglecting boredom, momentary lapses of concentration, absence of the hitherto pleasure and after that engaging in work is important.

And not everyone can accomplish that. And the one that can... succeeds - in this life time or beyond!

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