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Aim for the moon

In life perfect happiness remains a fallacy. And so are goals. Goals are never met. Goals are illusionary targets and can be reached only to some extent. One can be near the target line - but can't touch it.

One way of excelling and pushing the limit upwards is increasing the target line. Shifting it further or elevating it higher. In that way we will miss it anyway - but atleast we will travel more or jump higher.

Sometimes a paradigm shift is required when a nagging thought keeps bothering - that we are not able to reach our target. The paradigm shift will dwarf the target and our vision will reach for higher and things. The target would be bulldozed - not achieved.

Someone said - Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. I want to rephrase - aim for the moon - atleast you will rise higher than what you would had you aimed for a tree-top. Choice is...


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