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When I was 26 years old...

I started an LIC Policy on 28.July.2003 - how difficult to even write the year now ... i typed 2013...and then back space and back space - and then retyped 2003. It was almost 12 years before - when i started the policy - The Endowment Assurance Policy. As i paid the premium today on  -i happened to view the policy status report - and the commencement date -  28.July.2003... triggered some flash-backs down the memory lane...

So what have i achieved today when i compare my own status - which lingers in memory only - of course financially I am better - but still i consider myself poorer when I see the age - just below my name in the report. I was only 26 years old. Damn! I was so young - I am 38 now... lost all those precious years. 

True, the years have gone by - something on which none of us have any control - what we can decide to a significant extent is which path our health, relationships, career, financial status, happiness etc takes with the passage of time...

I had the privilege of a good brother who guided me in various phases and urged me to start good things - like this very LIC policy. Otherwise I wouldn't have started for sure... He even went to the extent of paying the first few installments... which later I realized wasn't a good idea.

One needs to take responsibility of his own finance... it's true that we all begin our journey in the same home - and we are very much groomed in a way that it's hard to grasp this idea of separate-responsibility - so when the first few months he was paying my premiums - i never felt anything wrong - he is only my brother and he is paying my premium - it just came so natural...  It took time for the separate-responsibility-paradigm-shift to take effect - triggered by a few other factors as family grows... as you would all know or very soon will know... and nonetheless this is all very natural.

As I look back - I feel good about the decision of starting this policy in 2003... if not for the money, but for the good-habit of separating a portion of my daily income for the rainy days.  

When i was young, i was extravagant and unsystematic... When i see colleagues here of age 26 - 28 ... I can relate with them so much. They behave like me when i was of that age. I try to give them good advise... I don't know how much they really absorb. There are a few things that come from experience and no amount of lip-service helps. The modern generation is very smart - they think they have the whole world in their grasp - they can play around - do a little manipulation here and there - and life would simply go on rosy and nice.

However one thing i am very clear - crystal clear about how life works - whatever you do good or bad - definitely has a reaction. The reaction can be delayed or might not be visible - but the reaction will be there for sure. So it's only good to do good things.  When you do something wrong and think that no one is watching- and so it's okay - the fact of the matter is the laws of the Universe (Some call God, some call Fate/Destiny) have a way to know the difference and provide you the required outcome/reaction accordingly. 

A few days before I had visited Nemo Science Center. One of the things that caught my attention was the different speed in which 2 similar cylinders, having same weight -  rolled down an inclined plane. The only difference between the 2 cylinders is one is less hollow and one is more hollow. The weight and outer surface area of the 2 remains the same. To my wonder i saw that the more solid cylinder rolls down faster than the more hollow.

I was wondering why is this change of speed... i did a little search in google as well and thought the actual calculation to be somewhat complicated (as perceived by my average intelligence); Let me put a simplistic explanation here - 

The only difference is the angular frictional torque acting on these 2 bodies AGAINST the direction of motion. Torque is force (frictional) multiplied by radius - So the hollow cylinder has more radius ( distance from periphery to the center or the outer raidus) - while the solid has less radius - because it is calculated by Integration Formula over outer and inner radius. Therefore resultant Radius of Solid cylinder is always LESSER than the Hollow cylinder... so the frictional torque acting against motion in the solid cylinder is less and so the velocity with which it rolls down is MORE...

I interpreted this phenomenon in this way: Many a times we do something wrong - and think no one notices - and so this would not have any impact in our life... but in reality the laws of nature - has a way to CALCULATE these subtle variations just like the calculation provided above. 

We can't cheat or out-smart the master plan! 

Somehow I have a hunch, just like the solid cylinder, even a good and solid character rolls down faster down the slope towards happiness and prosperity. For the hollow character - the movement towards progress and prosperity is very slow. 

One might assign all good fortune acquired by an individual to Lady Luck alone because it's difficult to perceive the underlying principles which are so logical and accurate. 


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