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Remembering my Pooo Pishima

Today on the day of my birthday I remember my Pooo Pishima (Aunt). She was the most loved one of all my near and dear ones.

Pishima never beat us. She loved us... fondled us. She had a big heart. She would give us dresses on Durga Pujas every year. She would bring singada, alur chop and other delicacies for us.

We were brought up in a strict family. We had to come back home just after sun-set, wash our legs, hands and mouth and sit with books. We had punishments - physical and verbal - from many members of our large family. Each had a seris of code of conduct - we had to adhere to. Childhood liberty often violated them and so we would be punished - We never relished this strict boundaries.

But the comfortable space we found with Pooo... She never rebuked or punished. She only loved.

We called her Poooooo....A name we gave out of affection and I don't remember why - may be from the sound of train's whistle. Or may be because we could only pronounce the last part of her nick name - Apu. Pooooo... When we were very young we called her by that name... but as we grew up we were instructed to call her Chhoto Pishima. Pooo was seldom used thereafter.

We used to go to Kanchra Pada often - and everytime we used to be so excited - We are going to see Poo, Pishimoshai and Pinki.... the 3 P's who are so dear to me.

My poo Pishima is no more here in this mortal world.

She had a huge heart. I have seen daughters forgetting their parents after sometime of getting married. But my poo pishima had the same attachment even after she got married. I have seen her so many times going out of her way and reach out for help - to her own kith and kin and to others. She didn't get much in return. She would cry when someone scolded her - she had a weak heart you see...  She could never fight fire with fire - rebuke with rebuke. She had a heart -  weak and vulnerable - full of affection. My poo pishima would help so many times - sometimes hiding from those who she feared would raise eye-brows... Nothing deterred her spirit of helping. I don't find many in this mortal world like her.

And kids, she loved... She loved kids so much ...she would take them in her lap and fondle and kiss them. I feel sorry for my son that he would never see my Pooo.

She was so nice that God needed her in His Beautiful Kingdom. So she had to leave us -

Today on my Birthday, I don't know why I remember her so much.

She would remember my birthday and call up my mother - "BOUDI pappur payesh hoyeche?" -  to ascertain if my Payesh (Sweet dish) has been cooked. Particularly when I was alone in Keonjhar/Delhi/Bangalore - she would find out - how I would have my Payesh in my Birthday, who would cook etc etc. She had all birth-dates of all of us on her lip. She was our affectionate - Pooo.

Sometimes you don't realize how valuable a person is when he/she is alive. We sometimes take for granted - may be I had taken that way. I regret - but can't do much.

Wherever you are Pooo Pishima - Know that I miss you.

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