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I was coming home after meeting one of my cousin brothers. 

So long as I didn't know the way - i was listening to the gps and it was guiding me like a charm. In my right hand i was holding it tight while I kept pedaling. Suddenly  at one point i realized that i knew the way to home from there . And so i ignored the gps as i started taking my own path now. 

Each time my path deviated from the gps's path the gps would do a re-route and then again announce the same in the same humble tone. 

It is then i realized - that even in life we should follow this same principle of re-routing.

When in the work place a junior doesn't listen to your instructions, simply re-route. In other words, without getting flustered, just provide him with a new set of instructions and options in a humble tone. I don't claim to be practicing the same and have my own limitations. But I have somehow started believing that this approach is the best that you can think of when someone doesn't listen to you.

At home, how many times your own kid has refused to listen to what you say? And your wife would not listen at all, isn't it !!! Again, the best thing that you possibly can do is re-route!


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