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Orange Sun and Cricket Match

The sun set looked beautiful today. We went to the roof and ate moodi (rice flakes), pea nuts and onions - with Srikanta Acharya's sweet Bengali songs in the background. A brief whatsapp video chat with baba and maa (father and mother) followed soon and we showed them the surrounding place from the roof. They were happy. The orange sun at the far corner started descending and I took  a few pictures. Sunday was disappearing with the sun. 

The sun rises each day and the sun descends - I contemplated.............

Morning and evening keep coming in an endless rhythm - somewhere in the corner of my heart I know that it's all there and it won't be somewhere in future. It's only a matter of time - then endless sea of time will wipe out everything. Then why are we so so serious with our daily business of work, promotion, salary and recognition?

All are running after money. Pursuit of money is only meaningful till a certain point in one's life - after which it becomes meaningless. There is a time - one needs to pause and reflect on the state of things.... and ask within - is it time to surrender and look for something more meaningful. I don't know from where this thought came - may be from the cricket match I watched today morning....

In the second innings after reaching the Australian mammoth total of 450 odd runs, India was going on accumulating runs at a painfully slow pace...instead of aiming for a declaration and letting the opponent bat for a few overs towards the end of fourth day. At this point it seemed clear that more than runs now, time was precious and it was foolishness to waste time and accumulate runs. Whats the purpose of match after all ? Winning or accumulating runs? 

The purpose of the match is to win - I felt the same about life - endless hankering of money is going to become meaningless if we keep losing time and if we are not directing our energy towards the important things. Because like the overs of the test match, the precious days in our lives also end with each sunset... just like the one I was looking at. As I kept my eyes towards the descending sun, I thought, instead - if we start exploring the unknown - it might become more worthy and meaningful. 

However there is a problem. In the match there are clear cut goals. But human life has no standard goal as such. There is no finishing line defined clearly and so one doesn't know where to reach or what's the ultimate. It therefore becomes easy to march with the herd and keep accumulating money because that is one thing which is capable of giving cheap recognition and which ensures that material suffering is minimum. In other words it's easier to keep knocking for singles or the occasional boundary and not think about declaring the innings.... in our lives we don't have a captain to decide the course of the match - it's we - who need to take the call.... Each one of us - alone in this journey.

Finally India had declared their innings after a short burst of panicky hard hitting and kept Aussie openers under pressure for 8 overs or so - they got two wickets for that crucial decision. Mind you - two precious Wickets. 

The orange sun is no more there. It's total dark. When i close my eyes I can still see the illumination of beautiful orange hue. The brilliance of the illumination is as strong as the real sun. It's all in the mind - it's such a powerful tool to create things at will. I think about the two wickets again and again - had Virat Kohli and the Indian think tank not thought beyond the immediate gratification of accumulating runs (read cheap recognition) and extending the lead, could they have got those valuable wickets? 

What are the wickets in our lives? I can see mundane work, money blah blah are the runs we accumulate but isn't it also necessary to think about declaring or surrendering all these runs and aiming for the wickets.

What are these wickets? 

Wait - who is watching us - who is watching us batting, fielding and bowling - we don't have a spectator. The players have the additional responsibility of answering the media and fans!!!

And do we have any one to provide an explanation for?

Conscience??? To our own selves???

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