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Opportunities have been lost, so what - remain blissful in the present moment

There are opportunities that come in everyone's life and if one looks backward - it might seem that certain directions of events could have been more favorable to prosperity. 

You would end up cursing softly- if only I did that - if only i had decided... blah blah! Most of the time we don't control this direction... so remaining in that sorry-state would never do any good. Nah..... no use dwelling in regret or guilt!!!!!!!!

Doing something - without our mind wandering in thousand direction is key. Single pointed devotion to a task can only alleviate all form of pain. It's the best form of happiness - even more than money or health can fetch.

Antidote to all suffering is work - and even better - if it can be something that one can remain totally engrossed in.  In this state of total absorption, time freezes. 

A wandering mind is never satisfied and peaceful.

A wandering mind not only spoils the job at hand but also creates a depressive state.

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