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My opinion about God, Spirit and Life after death.

I don't know any of these things.

It puzzles me to see all around people believing so confidently that there is some kind of spirit that survives the physical death and then again acquires a new body depending upon certain conditions. These conditions decide whether the new body will be a man or a cow or a dog or a mosquito. People broadcast these ideas and I haven't found any proof of this as of now. No one has ever demonstrated a solid proof or logical explanation behind the existence of spirit. Even then if you say - you don't believe in God - people will raise eye brows and think you are trying to act smart! On the contrary your statement should be considered the most logical and rational given the lack of any proof about God in the whole world so far.

I keep searching for videos of lectures and interviews about this subject in youtube. One day I stumbled upon one of the monks explaining - "the seer and the seen are different things ... so you can see your body - so you must be different from the body. Now you can see your mind too - so you should be different from the mind. And you are actually a drop of divinity which will go back to divinity... Just like the sunshine which only manifests if there is an object that can reflect - similarly your body (mind included) is able to manifest that divinity which is omnipresent. " With all my respect to the monk, I liked the idea of this beautiful logic of the seer and the seen to be different. But i also feel that the mind can play trick on a person by exhibiting a deception that SELF is something other than the mind. It can be just the chemical composition of mind which is displaying characteristics of the self and awareness and inducing one to believe the self is different from mind. 

There was another devotee of God who once told me this: "OUT of your BIG BANG - the flower can't be born. When there is such beautiful creation then there must be some intelligent creator behind this." My counter argument would be simply this - the universe is huge - so huge that our mind even can't fathom... so is it not possible that accident or BIG BANG caused chaos everywhere - in countless other planets - however in only this planet Earth, it was a special kind of accident that caused flower. that's why there is no life in so many other countless planets. OK, now think about something else in the same line of thought - there is life and there is beautiful flower - and they exist just like that - and there is no cause. It could also be true that Darwin found the truth many years before and he was right in believing that everything comes from a simple source of cellular life form. The complex forms have just gone through a process of painful evolution through an infinitely long period of time.

The religious books do talk about holy names and chanting of which gives peace and happiness. Just because I get happiness doesn't mean that there is God. A lot of bliss and happiness due to a certain process of following a spiritual path doesn't prove the existence of God. 

Now there is another line of thought - I once heard a saint say something like this: "Oh why are you worried if God is there or not - you just take care of yourself. Your condition is just like a man drowning in a boat in the middle of ocean of suffering. He is getting a rope from above - he just has to catch it and avoid drowning in the ocean. Man is in similar situation - surrounded by the ocean of suffering in his fragile boat (read life). So what's the choice here? Chant the holy name that will save you from eternal cycle of birth and death or simply get involved in unworthy and futile materialistic action" Chances are very high that people get influenced by such line of thought - particularly when it is coming from a very serious learned scholar - who looks intelligent, talks intelligent and seems to be having that invisible aura around him. But whoever the preacher may be, the million dollar question still remains - What's the proof that chanting would render one free - and before that what's the proof that there is a so called cycle of life and death?

There are many saints who will further say this: "You can't see bacteria in naked eye - doesn't mean that the small organism isn't present. Similary you want to know God, you need the tool. Simply sitting there and engaging mind in imagination and useless thoughts won't help. So the tool is the microscope for bacteria. For God, it is our spiritual process that you have go through - chanting of holy beads and intense respect and devotion." All this is fine, but my question again is who will tell me that this path is indeed the true path to know God. Obviously when i will start chanting one same vibration for hours together sitting in that same place - my brain will definitely go through some different waves of calmness and may be even happiness and that might trigger me to believe that God is providing me this solace. 

But the logic of the religious texts are not so weak - they have a mechanism built inside their philosophy that would ostracize people who keep asking questions by labeling them to be not fit for spiritual journey. They only see everything with a doubtful eye and they lack faith. 

Again, I don't know anything - if something exists or not - and my earnest request to others is also to acknowledge if they really don't know. Simply beating the bush with one's own imaginative way of looking at things wont help.

I have read many books and met many people and listened to so many lectures but still I haven't found any concrete evidence of life after death. Nor have I found any concrete evidence of God. Even I haven't found any evidence of Ghost.

So I don't believe in anything - I don't believe in spirit, God, life after death and so on. What i mean by I don't believe is that I completely accept that there could be a probability of existence as well non-existence or even a combination of both - but I don't know. 

That is a very honest and transparent statement.

Everybody is prepared to believe something out of fear or rejection. Everybody declares something as they have to take a stance. 

The so-called Spiritual Gurus (may be someone genuine is hiding somewhere and I don't know Him yet) themselves haven't seen anything - just they keep advertising God and Heaven. They even don't admit that they never saw God because that would dilute their spiritual strength and people wouldn't believe them.


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