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It's so difficult to change from inside

As I was walking down the road towards office today morning - I was tuned into a nice lecture on the v-moda m100 head phones and the crux of the message I remember now is - don't judge anyone - don't criticize anyone - remain calm and composed and remain someone who doesn't get rattled or disturbed so easily. The people who don't get rattled by external stimuli are more likely to rise in their lives because they have greater control on various situations life comes up with.

I reached my work place, switched off the lectre and very soon got busy in work. During lunch time we were having a discussion about the recent controversial Amir Khan statement in which he stresses about the rise of intolerance in India. It started with a discussion and we all took our own viewpoints - and soon I was being attacked by the remaining 3 guys who had different opinion than mine... I was losing control and struggling to convince them with my logical reasoning. It was increasing my stress level and things were becoming ugly. Somehow we finished off lunch, shook off the last bit of unpleasantness sticking to our bruised ego and then walked towards our respective desks...

Stains of the heated argument lingered on in my stormy mind as I tried to share my viewpoints once again with another like-minded person - this time it was quite satisfying because this guy had similar thoughts as mine.

The day is almost over now...

However as I sit down here and write this blog, I realise that the morning lecture had no effect in my behaviour and my actions were governed by my instincts and habits more than anything else - something ingrained very deeply within me.

It's so difficult to change from inside. True.


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