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How fleeting life can be!

He had a sound technical knowledge.

He was well behaved, gentle, polite and a pleasant personality.

He was very religious and would never miss his Friday Prayers.

He would talk less and only when it was required.

Whenever there used to be an escalation in work or an urgent issue needing to be solved, he was the guy found talking more and taking the lead role. 

While he was about to board his flight from Netherlands to India, he bade me good bye and I wished him luck.

Then he got married and then he switched job.... somehow after that I lost track of him...

A couple of days back - a bell rung in my mind and got curious to know about him - I sent a casual mail... querying about state of things at his end and his new life and new job.

Yesterday he had replied - life is good, things are all fine - he thanked me for remembering him.

Today I got the news of his death. He is no more in this mortal world!!!

It left me in a state of shock so severe that I wasn't quite able to come to terms with reality. Time seemed to stop and I remained suspended - as if in vacuum till it slowly and steadily sunk in. 

I couldn't find any logic, any reason or any explanation - strange are the ways of the Architect of the universe. Only if I could fathom His Wishes. RIP, my friend. May God bless your soul!

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