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Count your blessings

It's been quite a few days having written something in this space so thought of penning a few words...

I was actually so happy as I logged into this blog portal and found 1 comment - quickly approved the comment and went back to the site

As my website appeared I scrolled down to find the comment - excitement turned into disappointment.

Someone had injected a spam message with his/her website link to increase traffic... Bad hidden agenda... the same comment i had received 3 or 4 times... i mean same... it's so blatantly screaming I AM A SPAMMER!!!! 

Comments have dried down these days - not much people are reading the blog - people have nothing to say it seems... this space is getting boring with the passage of time. The advertisements are also not generating much revenue! But that's okay. I am not bothered much, honestly! 

I have learnt that's its better to brush off disappointments and get on with life.

It's not good to lose one's sleep over things that turn bad or out of control - it only harms us. it's better to pick the learning lessons and move on with life. What's important is to not get tensed. One should keep calm in life. When you are calm and relaxed you can enjoy a good night's sleep and that to me is everything. We can so easily lose our quota of sleep and slip into a painful state of existence - life becomes so bitter. 

Incidents can turn bitter any point in time. Nothing is in one's control. One incident comes to my mind - Recently we had gone to Amsterdam Bos for an official party... we played football and then went out for boating... one of my friends fell down into water and ruined his mobile. I saw him very dejected as a result - somehow he couldn't forget his smartphone and kept on cursing himself. He kept thinking about all possible ways that could have prevented the loss.

His disappointment is genuine... however  I also thought - it could have turned worse as he can't swim. If we change our perspective to look at a loss, we can minimize our suffering and turn it into a feeling of gratitude. In any bad situation, life could have easily played a worse game with us... never to forget that!

As I write this, I have two problems haunting me - My stomach acid which keeps coming up like an unwelcome guest and my knee pain - sharp and strong attacks me sometimes unexpectedly out of nowhere... I have been dealing with these 2 discomforts somehow - keeping a positive frame of mind... but somehow it's also true that age is slowly catching up.

But I must say, at the same time, I see myself in a very good situation...a good place, a good job, a good family and so on... I am so grateful to God for all these. 

Not very difficult to count your blessings!


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