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skeleton ingress to feed nginx ingress controller

The way it works is: 

nginx ingress controller has to be deployed in your nginx namespace which is exclusively reserved for nginx-ingress related stuff.

in that nginx-ingress-controller will have a pod (or more replicas) and a matching service. 

Now individual ingresses for your workloads need to be created so these are then consumed by nginx-ingress-controller pod

To create individual ingress resources one must know to create a skeleton ingress (bare minimum stuff that must go into an ingress) first. So here is syntax of skeleton-ingress:

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
 name: dipz22-ingress
 annotations: / "false"
   app: ingress
  - http:
       - path: /
           servicePort: 80
           serviceName: dipz22-service

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