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My type of weekend

The roads here are empty. The sun is bright but there is no desire to go out of home. 

Its weekend and so I like to stay at home. 

The previous weekend - I had gone to my friend's house. He asked me - 'should we go to Berlin next weekend...."

i answered - " what's there to see in Berlin... and even if there's anything to see... i simply don't feel like going anywhere..."

He asked - "why?"

"well, " i answered rather hesitantly, " don't you feel it is rather hectic to rise from bed early and then run to this place and then finish your lunch faast in a hotel and then again run for the next destination and so on...Somehow i feel that this robs me off my weekend. it means i am having to work and toil hard like the weekdays... on the contrary my weekends should be slow and lazy - sleep till 10 am.... eat something and then again sleep till noon. get up and make some good food - finish lunch and start a new nextflix series..... that's my take on spending weekend...."

they both listened quietly and then laughed... it seemed they liked the ideaa in some corner of their mind....

My wife gave a look that said - "this man is not going to change! My God"

today as i write this - on another lazy saturday - suddenly i realized that my friend would be in Berlin - so i fb messaged him - dear friend - are you in Berlin

After some time i got the reply - "No we are at home only."

Did i influence him?

I hope not.

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