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Freedom from whatsapp group

In this age of social networking, it has become extremely difficult to remain aloof and independent. Through linkedin, fb, hangout, whatsapp and so on, there is some way or the other to locate you.

You are an open secret and your privacy is in public domain. You are public property  - a mat on the road - which people can use to rub their muddy feet whenever they want! The virtual jaws have somehow trapped you and chewing your life and happiness without you being aware of it! Because you are just another member of the vast herd which has lost it's mind! Members of herd just follow other members... 

The facebook updates seem to be there to flaunt and show off... Exotic places and mouth-watering dishes are uploaded to make others realize - look - I am having a good time - what the hell are you doing, you moron! Facebook updates scream for attention - crave for notice!

When I was added in a whatsapp group, I had no idea what I was entering... until i saw myself habitually checking updates from the members of the group - all sick, frustrated and hopeless souls trying to find out meaning of life in an empty virtual world of ghosts. I was also sucked into it - till i shook myself up from the hypnosis - HEEYYYYYY!!!! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME.... To hell with the mobile number - it's jeopardized my life of privacy and peace. 

Every morning there is some plastic good morning message with a shitty scenery in the background, or a coffee mug with a  stupid smiley or a heart-shaped white cream, then there are wishes on valentine's day, crazy santa banta jokes, father's day, mother's day, teacher's day, all kinds of day - till the whole day gets poisoned... how much sick i became of this group... I can't express in words.

I got so sick that i destroyed my mobile SIM - reduced it to ashes of memory. It once used to be my number. No more it is. It's a past that i no more want to revive!!!! Let the new owner of the number message his heart out into his new virtual world - One day may be God will bestow him with healthy neurons capable of  real thinking!

After having changed my number - i am so peaceful. I feel free....... no one can catch hold of me now - the rest of the group will be surely continuing those meaningless interactions - non stop nonsense! Do whatever you like my dear friends... it's not that i have any personal animosity with you - as I love each one of you from the core of my heart - You see my hatred is for this very concept of virtual world that has come up in recent times... this nightmarish virtual world is like the GIANT ominous octopus with countless sticky legs that knowingly or unknowingly has stepped into an internal domain of my being - which is the essence of who I am and what I am. These countless legs have smeared all over me with a sticky glue, from top to bottom that can't be washed off.... stains of which just don't go away. 

So I have decided to get rid of my mobile number. I don't care - if people including banks and other organizations will struggle to find me now - who knows, may be i'll miss important messages, a potential head-hunter trying to offer me a job and landing onto frustrating automated messages and thereby pledging a thousand and one times of never ever contacting me despite my attractive work profile..... despite all these.... despite, despite, despite.... with absolute confidence, firmness and without any qualms, let me declare you DEAR Number dead from now on.

So I start my life with a new number... and no one knows that. 

Note: Readers are advised to take this post in a lighter spirit. The exegerrated tone is meant to be funny and no personal insult is inteded.

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