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Push the docker images correctly

$ docker push dipeshm77-ubuntu:simplev01
The push refers to repository []
b5988e5ff900: Preparing
dc1f6fc414d9: Preparing
b57c79f4a9f3: Preparing
d60e01b37e74: Preparing
e45cfbc98a50: Preparing
762d8e1a6054: Waiting
denied: requested access to the resource is denied

This is because you have to align the image with your repository name before tagging...and this is how you do it...

docker tag dipeshm77-ubuntu:simplev01 dipeshm77/ubuntu:simplev01

$ docker push dipeshm77/ubuntu:simplev01
The push refers to repository []
b5988e5ff900: Pushed
dc1f6fc414d9: Pushed
b57c79f4a9f3: Pushed
d60e01b37e74: Pushed
e45cfbc98a50: Pushed
762d8e1a6054: Pushed
simplev01: digest: sha256:7f2980b027a24646a965e76e13fcba02fc0329764e08048dd2a97c39db051128 size: 1574


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