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rating in the game of chess

In app my rating now is 1020 approx.... and i m near about this for quite sometime sometimes it reaches 1060 - 1070 and sometimes it slips down to 1000... but 1020 is the stable mark i can safely say though don't know about what might happen in times to come... life and chess - both are funny....

i had to struggle to come to this level from 930 or something....

somehow - in this life also we have rating and it increases - but we are not aware that rating is increasing - we keep playing the game of life as if we are still having old bad rating - and actually we become bad - bcoz we think we r bad .... actually after becoming good we end up losing like a dog - but we should think that is a natrual thing - we should remain aware and lift our spirits and behave as if we are already in the next higher level

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