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Why I blog

It has always been my endeavor to capture fleeting moments of thoughts and insights that emerge in my mind from time to time. I try to capture these thoughts and preserve them in this blog. It is sometimes silly and at times praise-worthy. Enough to raise a wow in the reader's mind.

But who cares for praise! Blogging has been a pretty relishing exercise so far and far from wooing my readers I am more concerned about my own personal growth and satisfaction. I have learnt to appreciate my own creative part and therefore I have been engaged in these processes of letting it come out in whatever form it wants... paintings, poems or blog. Just like watering the root of a plant and nurturing it so that it can grow. This repository of creativity will act as a window to my soul for eons... may be... or at least the effort is directed to that goal.

I have seen great people blogging. I love the way Amitabh Bachchan blogs. Writes away incessantly every day. There is a lot to learn. And reading his blogs I have a feeling that the more he writes the more the thoughts start rolling down to his mind. It is a never ending process. The more you write the more you get newer ideas to write. And if you hoard your ideas, then new ideas stop coming. I sometime think isn't it the same for many other things in life. Like knowledge, as the old saying goes - the more knowledge you share the more your own treasure of knowledge increases. I don't know how much people realize this. When I was working with Oracle I engaged in several proof of concepts and I was particularly working in Oracle Database Security. I had become a Database Vault, Audit Vault Guru - and that was labeled so strongly against my name that sometimes I would feel - Is it that people here think I can't do anything else other than Database Vault and Audit Vault? I had created a niche and sometimes I felt it hard to unshackle out of it!

One day as I was working with a senior manager - he told me - The new joiners will be soon on board - so don't reveal all your knowledge about security to them, otherwise your own worth will decrease. I didn't say anything but in my own mind I was thinking - is it true? While certain ideas and philosophy work well and look nice in books and speeches, but when it comes to practicing them in reality it is difficult. I was not very happy sharing my knowledge, but I did share. But my importance had not decreased. It was time for me to depart - time to leave my own comfortable cocoon and welcome newer challenges. And when I realized that, it was easier for me to share my knowledge and leave after having created a similar resource as my replacement.
Life teaches lessons - good and bad. Corporate life is full of lessons - if and only if one has the right attitude to take things in the stride and move forward. As Randy Pausch would say - Let's saddle up and ride!

Now coming back to blogging, I have seen some of my friends tease me... like if I am having a conversation with them they will don't post all that we are talking here in one of your blog posts. Some would say, "You don't have much work it seems." And that's why off late there has been a decrease in sharing stuffs in Facebook. But more than me getting affected by comments and criticism, it is a higher goal than the immediate volume of traffic a blog post might attract that drives me.

It is not that I don't care for traffic. Or a spike in traffic in Google analytics doesn't bring a smile on my face. I have seen the volume of traffic rising to important and useful knowledge that I share, key words that I put in tag and so on. However filling this up with only dead-information will spoil the very essence of the website. With occasional information-related posts, I do post my own creative thoughts... inspirational thoughts, philosophy, poems and paintings and they have a different set of guests. They are the ones I am more interested in. And targeting this small section of my traffic is my purpose - because they are very dear to me as I feel that I am able to connect to them.

There are some people who visit my website often just to check if there are any new posts... and they sigh away when they find none. But they return again. Those people are very dear to me and I would want to retain them at any cost.

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