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An update on my blogging

So how is this blogging thing going...
Well early days for sure. However a spike in traffic definitely motivates and cheers you up. And I just found one!
When I started this website, I tried to contact Google to figure out the procedure to make money from adsense. Well I was fired up and it was initial stages... There was no traffic needless to say. I soon got a bouncer from them. They replied somewhat like this - Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program.
I kind of hated the reply from Google. It hurt my ego. Well that was reality. I was yet to understand that no Tom, Dick and Harry can make money by creating a website. And website creation has become a child's play now a days. There are so many websites in so many people's name. There is so much of digital noise going on everywhere and it is even more difficult to have your voice heard in this noisy crowded jungle of dot coms. Had it been so easy, everyone would have left their job and started typing on a laptop from the comfort of their home. And slowly this idea sunk in my mind as I came to terms wth reality.
Well I did some soul searching and finally realised - it is not all about money honey! Money is just a byproduct. Not the highest priority. What is important is the pleasure that blog writing was giving me continously. I was trying hard to make sure that the visitors enjoy reading my articles. But also not to the extent that I get bogged down in the editing part so much that publishing new and fresh contents take a battering. So I would write and publish. Most of these on the fly! An element of impromptu, a scent of can find in these articles.
So the ideas kept on coming and I published one after the other. My endeavour was constantly toward providing value to the visitors. Thats why I started the vocabulary section from newspaper cuttings. Its kind of a new idea. The good thing was, the moment it arose in my mind, immediately I implemented it. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations like CAT and GRE will definitely find this seciton helpful. And also I was trying to add some funny/interesting content. Just to spice it up a bit. But they are difficult to find. I once happened to shoot a truck carrying a train boggie on the road, which urged me to post this blog - Train running on road! I uploaded a youtube video for that. It intrigued me but didn't receive much response though.

I was still getting an average of 5-6 visiors per day, and was kind of resigned to the idea of attracting too many visitors. I kept telling myself - Let me just keep writing. Rest is afterall not in my hand. However something very unusual happened today. As I was checking the google analytics statistics some half an hour back, I was startled to find there were 111 visitors yesterday. Before this I only got a highest of 31. Have a look ...

 Hang on! I understand that this fleeting glory doesn't make me a famous blogger overnight, however it is something to celebrate for sure! And I give myself the widest possible grin and a pat on my back. I feel elated.

And it doesn't end there. When I was relishing this sudden spike of traffic, at that moment a friend of mine came in google talk and this is the excerpt of the conversation we had. This was even more relishing!

Well as I write this, I know I have miles to go before I sleep. Somewhere down the line I am able to connect to some people may be at an emotional level and they are coming and reading the blogs and of course enjoying them. Thank you, Visitors! You made my day today. There are many things to learn. Because I post valuable lessons I learn from this never ending journey of life. And these are true experiences.

Blogging has made me a much more disciplined person. I tend to stand by what I post now and I can confidently state that I notice a palpable change in my attitude, my thinking and my work ethics. I am starting to get more organized and clear in my thinking. There are still areas of improvement and loopholes to be filled. I will keep trying my best and share with you how it goes on from here, may be in a future update.

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