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My blog is my restless mind

There has to be a flow in your painting - that flow will be visible and it will create an…

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Note to my readers

So, how am I leading my life?

Good, great, fabulous... you name it.

Experience, rich an…

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Why I blog

It has always been my endeavor to capture fleeting moments of thoughts and insights that …

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Some more blogging tips

Why some more blogging tips... why not simply BLOGGING TIPS?

Because there are already so…

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Tapping the nebulous region of mind

The vaguest of ideas that lie trapped in the mind can remain like that… dormant, passive …

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Background color of blog

Finally changing the background back to white. For a couple of days the background was bl…

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Not having backup of your blogs is suicidal

It's nearing 3 AM. Cold night. Couple of hours back, in an attempt to change the website …

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An update on my blogging

So how is this blogging thing going...
Well early days for sure. However a spike in traf…

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