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You don't have to lie

So easily I have seen people lying.

"Where are you and how much more time will it take?" if this question comes on our way to some place which we had promised to reach by half an hour, how do we react, when we are certain of an inevitable delay?
Easy. "Another 10 minutes", comes the hurried reply and we speed up our travel, in the false hope of making it on time. We don't want to hurt the person waiting for us and so try to shield the impending delay from him as much as we can. And we get late by 40 minutes and then we rationalize - Traffic Jam, puncture, Memory loss of route and so on.
Bottom line is we lie. Our morale sinks, we fall down, atleast in our own eyes! But we ignore and go ahead shaking it off our memory. But the unconscious mind holds a rather bad image of our own self.

And we are what our unconscious mind holds!

Pause and reflect - Why we have to lie?  What is the necessity? Who is creating the the pressure? What if we admit much before of an impending delay.

More than 90% of the time it is not required to lie. Lying starts with necessity and then takes on a pattern of habit. Habit is diffult to die. So soon we start lying when there is actually no need.

It requires very little courage to correct this pattern.

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