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Worold Cup 2014 - Uruguay Costa Rica Match Analysis

The 2nd goal of Costa Rica Uruguay match today was special. Not due to the weird celebration by the goal scorer but the way the pass was given to him. the player who gave the pass had very less chance of keeping the ball in play as it was almost going out of the side line, however he managed to deliver a desperate kick towards one of his team mates...  and then finally it was converted into a spectacular goal. Sometimes the goal-scorer takes away all the credit shielding the one who laid the foundation of success... in this case the one who not only managed to keep the ball in play but also passed it to one of his team mates.

It is in those challenging circumstances when it's easy to leave hope and give in, the tough ones give their all and somehow manages to keep the ball rolling... it is that extra bit of effort in dire conditions that makes the difference - in life or in a foot ball game

the third goal of the match (2nd by Costa Rica) came soon after....

Score of match: 2-1 in favor of Costa Rica.

reminder of the fact that when the spirit is high, one must aim for the maximum. the defender's foot missed by a whisker but the costa rican head was at the right place, placing the ball at the right direction to the farthest corner of the post leaving the Uruguyan goal keeper perplexed. the aim was perfect.

... and there was clear shift of  momentum against Uruguay.

And then came the 4th goal of the match.

Uruguay had no chance whatsoever. 

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