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World Cup 2014 - The last two quarterfinals

Well, out of these last 2, the first one between Argentina and Columbia was a one sided affair and there's nothing much to write about this.

However I was looking forward to the last q'final - Ned vs Costa Rica. I had gone to Museumplein to see it on the large screen, but there was none. I scampered by way back home on bus number 174 somehow managing to miss only the initial 10 min. What a sense of relief!!! I would have missed a lot more had i not got the bus immediately after discovering the Museumplein fiasco.

It was all Nederlands right from the start and Costa Rica looked weak. However the constant Dutch attack failed to produce a goal and the ball hit post thrice. Yes 3 times. Not once not twice but three times.

It's so easy to get deflated on the wave of such bad fortune, but the Dutch had thier shoulders erect and continuing the fight wit unabated vigor.

And so when the xtra time was also over, it was the penalty shoot-outs and the Dutch Goal Keepr was substituted at this point of time.

How well the coach had prepared all his strategies. He had prepared for this penalty shoot out as well! Holland had planned to use a different goal keeper for the penalty shoot-outs. They had done this extra bit of research and somehow found a penalty goal keeper specialist who was injected in the field just before the the final whistle.

He oozed in confidence, appeared big and ominous and challenged the penalty shooters right by looking into their eyes.

And boy, he did save, by diving left and right. 2 saves out of 5, while the Dutch were on a roll scoring 4 out of 4.

It was enough. A Dutch win and celebration. Jumping and Shouting.

Well what emerged in my mind was this: A superior team finds a way to succeed. Inspite of hard luck and wasted chances it finds a way to hang in there and find that missing link at the very end.

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