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World Cup 2014 - The first two quarterfinals

There were no surprises. Everyone expected Brazil and Germany to qualify. 

today morning when i got up - the first news that hit me was - Neymar fractured his 3rd Lumbar Vertebra, as a result of a ruthless knee hitting from behind during the fag end of the match. 

Oh God! I saw the foul yesterday night ...  didn't like the knee bashing much, but never expected that this could rule him out of the rest of the world cup!!! But that's the way it is now. Reality. Another reminder of the fact that you never know what happens in life - or in sport. Better to remain firmly grounded all the time, in humility and prayer. Neymar, May you recover soon! 

However more than worrying the start missing rest of the WC, i was thinking on his overall football career - it shouldn't affect his football career, as football is a physical game that requires a player to remain 100 percent fit - 100 mind you and not even 0.000001 percent less. 

OK, now 2 teams that qualified for the SF - Brazil and Germany look the best of the lot. And Brazil, for the first time played like Brazil. 

The rest of the WC looks very good from here as the best teams are qualifying and there has been no set-backs so far. 

So as we await the rest of the 2 quarterfinals today, I must say, I can't wait for the action today - that's going to start at 6.

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