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World Cup 2014 - Netherlands vs Chile - Ultimately it is the score that matters

What a fabulous match it was!

Netherlands starting it in a not so charming way as they struggled for possession. But it didn't take time for the momentum shift. The Dutch were too swift and effective in their attack and Chile never looked like they could score a goal. 

It finally finished at 2-0 victory for Netherlands. 

It is my opinion that this was the best match so far - and also the best performance by a team so far. At this rate, Netherlands has a very high probability to enter the finals - and who knows may be lift the coveted cup!

The absence of Van persie didn't cause any major setback as Robben more than made up for him. However the Dutch team looks more ominous with Van Persie along with Arjen Robben. The way Robben is making those runs from almost midfield to opponent's goal post - he really seems to pose some serious threat! 

I have seen Holland playing some beautiful, one-touch passing football, that was quite a few years before; however the present team doesn't seem too much interested in playing beautiful football - one which is accompanied by keeping the ball in possession and playing those typical passes for a long time.

However what Holland is playing is effective football - with the philosophy that it is the score that ultimately matters. And this is also very evident from the deadly attacks they are successfully launching against the opponents. Their counterattacks are also posing some serious threats and each attack looks capable of scoring a goal. All is well as far as the initial signs for Netherlands are concerned. But still, the cup is far away from here and the Dutch need to play some real good football if they harbor any dream to lift the world cup for the first time ever. 

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