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World Cup 2014 - Final - Argentina Vs Germany

... and Germany wins

That was a much deserving win for the Germans. 

They played fabulous football right from the start and truly deserved the crown.

What I liked about Germany though was their relentless attacking attitude - they never gave that hint of getting tired or demoralized after repeated failures in scoring a goal. 

And there was a limit to which Argentina could defend. 

and finally... they did give in.

This reminds of a very important lesson and that is - after all the preparation and hard work, when it really matters to perform, the team needs to rise to the occasion... the players need to find motivation from somewhere, and without getting rattled by temporary failures it's important to move on with perseverance and faith. 

It is a very important lesson in life.  Without this a team is always destined to fail - despite hours of drill, homework and preparation. And with this philosophy a team or an individual may sometimes win even without much preparation. Just because they could psyche themselves up and rise to the occasion.

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