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World Cup 2014 - Brazil Croatia Match - Relief vs Celebration

June 13, 2014

2014 World cup started today with Brazil VS Croatia match... 

and also starts my analysis of these matches - i will be observing keenly these matches - bring forth my understanding, valuable takeaways that we can apply in our day to day life and so on. 

Just now witnessed a penalty kick from Neymar - 

As he takes stance to kick the ball into the net... doesn't he feel the pressure?

Millions are watching and expecting him to deliver...

what if one fails - doesn't that thought bother the player...

how big is the pressure... how painful it is to go through such moments...

Neymar was lucky to put the ball into the net, as the Croatian goal keeper dived in the right direction and managed to block the ball to some extent... but finally the ball won. 

Neymar celebrated in style but a thought came in my mind... 

Isn't it only a sense of unprecedented relief? where is the question of celebration? 


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