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Will you take all your money to your grave?

No I won't, because that won't be needed.

I have heard this quite often - what use is of money? So much attachment? Are you going to take all money with you to the other world after death? 

Think it in this way - 

You are going through a dark narrow path through a jungle and you have bright TORCH in your hand. The torch helps you to find the right path, avoid obstacles like rocks and pebbles, helps spot dangerous reptiles in the woods and prevents you from being bitten, helps you find an occasional fruit in the tree that you tear off from the branch and eat and you get recharged and you move on..... 

Until.... you are at your destination, your home. After you reach the destination you don't need the torch anymore. It was the job of the TORCH LIGHT to enable you to have a safe and comfortable journey and reach home.

Similarly a good amount of bank balance has no other job but to offer you a safe and comfortable journey - the journey of life.

When a person dies - he leaves a lot of money in bank - and so what use was that to him when he couldn't enjoy all that? Many people ask this question.

Now ask the same question to the man with the torch- he reached his destination (home) and after that there was a lot more battery left in the torch - so he having the torch was useless?

Does that sound logical?

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