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Why this kolaveri kolaveri di?

Today I got up from bed late, to a tune I didn't know why I was crooning?

Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?
Why is this Kolaveri Di song catching fire like parched forests drenched in petrol? Omnipresent in every human mind, playlist, discussion, controversial debate, blog and so on.
I kept pondering for the rest of the day. Watched a TV channel broadcast a discussion on the same. I saw everyone praising Dhanush about the marvellous and cool way he moved his hands and body in tune with the song. When he was asked to repeat that in the television show, he was getting embarassed. He himself didn't know what to answer, how to explain the whole phenomenon. He was blushing, struggling for words and feeling embarassed.
Well, Kolaveri Di is a song that got invented in the spur of the moment. There is an element of spontaneity to it. It was never planned in a detailed manner. It was meant to be casual, cool and just like that.

Kolaveri Di is unique. The English and Tamil accent in which it is sung, the lyrics which sounds weird, different or simply having no meaning - all of them adding to its uniqueness.

And then someething magical happened. Things matched perfectly, with or without the creator's knowledge (which is of less importance). The music gelled well with the lyrics and the lyrics with the visual shots. It is more like an abstract painting, a classical Hindustani vocal which connects the listener/viewer/spectator at an undefined and strange emotional level that sparks a feeling of goodness inside and that is so difficult to explain. If you ask a painter who has given birth to an abstract painting and which is a major hit - Well what is the meaning of that painting?  The painter is bound to struggle for words and withdraw at some level internally. For, there is a difference between scientific and artistic products. We are so scientific in our mind that we need an explanation, a solid logic and a proof for everything. But the world of art is different. Here, many times, there is a complete absence of logic, or/and explanation.

A product of creativity exists the way it is. If it is something people have liked and made a big hit - then may be there is no reason why it is that way. Many times, very good songs or paintings might go neglected and unnoticed. Same with artists.
Well, enough deliberation, enought analysis! Right now I am going to play it in youtube and simply enjoy the kolaveri song. Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri, Kolarveri DDDDiii.....Ah DDDDdddiiii......

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