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Why I like Dhoni?


Because he doesn't celebrate his victory by jumping like a monkey...
and doesn't mourn his defeat with tears so much that he can't see...

Because he digs deep enough to find that bit extra...
to send the ball handsome and long... over the mid on area.

With a stillness, calm and composure that's so chilling
enough to send tremors and leave the opposition reeling

in difficulty - like a thorn in flesh; in pain, self pity and sorrow ...
defeat looms large for them...  in the offing...  and not tomorrow

Because he is tough from inside; peaceful and comforting outside
his calmness is not mere an outward show but conceived inside

His beard might have turned white though he is not that old
from the brunt of expectations and getting cheaply bowled

But he never let the team-mates know about the real pressure
and allowed them to play freely while blocking the grave fissure

with all his might, single handedly, with courage and determination,
but we have failed, time and again to identify his contribution.

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