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Why do ideas get lost?

When we think of something, we should act right at that point in time to make it happen. So many ideas occur in our mind but we don't note them down immediately. We don't act then and there and the ideas drift and get obliterated. 

Life force is a flow. We all are part of this flow... an incessant flow in which we find ouselves at every moment. One of the reasons we don't act right at that point when the ideas generate is that we remain part of a flow... a flow of life that we are comfortable with. We have to dientangle ouselves from that flow and pin the idea permanently by acting on it and which takes a lot of effort. And humanbeings are lazy by nature. We simply dont want to come out of the current flow and take the pain to work on the ideas. We simply laze and enjoy that moment. And before we realize much, we lose the valuable idea.
One way to cure this problem is to make it easy for us to come out of the flow and then act on the idea and then again get back to the flow. For example, if an idea on blogging appears in my mind and I have a high speed internet connection, I can actually write that blog immediately, publish and then again get back to the work I was doing. This is easy. However if the idea comes and I dont have the laptop with me, dont have an internet connection, no paper or pen nearby then it is difficult to come out of the flow. Because it entails a lot of hard work... like going to a shop, buying a pen and paper etc. And that's why more often than not one gives in and continues with the flow of his life at that point, promising in his mind to revisit the idea and then finally the valuable idea is lost.

Another technique can be to include a new idea that emerges as part of the flow that we are in. How that is possible but, you might ask!!! It can be possible if that idea is linked to a goal that we aspire for very strongly! If I take my own example then since I am always thinking about painting and which is a big goal in my life, so any idea on painting is actually part of the flow I am in. Because I think about painting most of the time and it is part of the flow I experience all the time and so an idea on painting is actually part of that flow for me. So now I don't have to disentangle myself from my current flow to transform the idea into reality. It takes place spontaneosly.

The mantra is to transform ideas into whatever they represent in reality as fast as they arrive in the mind. Because ideas have very bad shelf life. They rot and evaporate when kept unattended... even within minutes. They are the tiny seeds that need to be taken care of, well fed, well watered so that one day they grow into mighty banyan trees for the whole world to see, applaud and acknowledge.

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