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When you are defeated

The feeling of being extraordinary in any field of accomplishment is valid only till you are confronted with someone better than you. And when you face him, the better, more accomplished and more talented guy who challenges your ability, directly or indirectly, you accept with absolute confidence. Confidence is very essential because it is that element which can transform a potential defeat into a victory. So you embrace the challenge, asolutely confident and wage the war. The outcome can be a defeat or a victory.

If it's a victory, you become stronger. Chances are you will rest on your laurels. Guard against that and sincerely search for a stronger adversary. Don't relish confrontations with weaker opponents - remember that will give you momentary gratification but will make you brittle in the long run.
If it's a defeat, you feel dejected. You break down, can't feel the strenght to get up and continue.
In such moments of depression, it is very important to keep your calm. You should relax and chill.
Remember the greatest emotion that one can experience is compassion. And this is true under any circumstance. And love. These emotions strenghten us. And emotions like hatred, jealousy and anger weakens us. Any decision or conclusion arising from these emotions which weaken us lack in power and efficacy. However the decisions, pledges and commitments arising from compassion and love are much stronger.

If someone is better than you then you should feel happy for that person because he has worked harder and taken more pain to be in the place where he is in.

Engulf yourself with love and compassion for your opponent and shower good wishes upon him in your mind rather than cursing him.
Feel grateful to this great person who proved to be stronger than you. Because he just provided you the fuel to transform yourself stronger than him, not by an iota, not by an inch, but by ten folds. Your aim will be to be stronger than him ten times.  Not one, not two, TEN TIMES. But don't come to this decision out of anger. But come to this conclusion out of love for your own self. Because you love yourself so much, you know you are better than what you are now. So commit to the path of improvement through a detailed plan.

Remember that nothing is constant in this world. The body which contains you was not the same one year ago. The mind was different some time back- you were proud and confident of your might and now your lie on your back shattered and sad. In the same way your ability and talent is also not going to remain the same.
Now it is time to make your plan. Make a daily plan - how much time you are going to devote in that area where you want to improve everyday? Reserve thirty days for this. Say for example you work on that area for three hours daily for thirty days. But do this without fail. Remember if you fail here then you are finished! If you fail on your commitment, you better start doing some serious soul searching. Because breaking a commitment is suicidal. And also this whole write-up is not for you. If you are not sure of keeping this commiment, stop reading NOW! Remember a second chance is illusive. Standing on the edge of a thirty storeyed building if you are jumping and in mid-way in space if you speculate of a second chance, it simply doesn't exist. And you are finished, provided it is not a bad dream in the middle of the night. So Stick to the thirty days plan of 3 hours each day.

And then plan for another month.

And another...

Plan for a total of ten months. So 10 X 30 X 3= 900 hours of rigouros action is definitely going to put you in a position of strenght. Now you are ready to face your opponent again. Repeat the whole process if your opponet beats you this time or you beat him by a small margin. Let the loop of ten months continue endlessly till you become ten times stronger than your opponent.

And after that start searching for some other opponent worthy of throwing a challenge to you. Sincerely.

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