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What if?

A man gets disgusted of futile endeavors. Pursuits material and tiny.
He travels far and woods and in deserts to meet his destiny.

He finds a Guru - a spiritual teacher. A guide to show him path.
A guide to destroy ignorance, envy, greed, lust and wrath.

He is led to the path of spirituality. Meditation and trance.
He follows his master’s orders. Undergoes hard penance.

Beards grow long… as time pass by… He looks knowledgeable.
The same man changes so much. More polished. More humble.

He delivers lectures...people come from far and wide.
To listen him talk. To listen him sing. To listen him chide.

Amidst the army of devotees, sits a tiny shriveled meek
Silent and perplexed, gentle but determined. He came to seek…

The truth. Solid proof. To question fearless. Claim and tiff.
Walks up to the monk, breathes in long, pauses and asks – What if?

But what if you have got it all wrong. What if it was all an illusion?
What if there were no Gods in the first place. Only delusion?

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