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Victory Celebration

I am somehow fascinated with the way a sportsman celebrates his victory.

Just saw a defferred live match - between Liang Wenbo and G.Dott. The composure with which he finished his victory was something that impressed me.

I believe more than the victory it is your approach to victory that is important. Of course when you thump into thin air and punch ruthless blows and jump 5 feet high on the wounds of your fallen counterpart - it speaks volumes of your own ability but do you even think about your adversary's pain.

A more polished way of celebrating victory is to be calm and composed about it and shake hands with your opponent - give him a warm hug - feel his pain, be considerate and most importantly be human.  Wish him luck in his future endeavours.... Come on!

And of course feel good about your own victory but be balanced in your emotions. Because in life - victory and defeat are just two sides of the coin. Today you might be lucky but tomorrow someone else might be. The wheel of fortune just keeps turning and you don't know when you are underneath. It is important to be firmly rooted to the ground, isn't it? I bet, you are murmuring - Yes...

From human comes the word humane, if you ask me - or kindness - no human being can remain untouched by the feeling of his partner in the midst of fortune or adversity. Out of millions of species homo-sapiens is unique not so much on intelligence scale but on it's capacity to connect with others - through feelings and emotions - that no other species is capable of delivering. That might be the reason why Ashoka, the Great changed his mind after the sight of red blood-filled river brought about by his victorious sword. It brought a drastic change in his outlook - rather than dancing on the corpses to celebrate his victory - he became a monk - started a difficult journey to seek the ultimate truth of life. Won't you say - he got more refined as a human being. Or simply more human.

dhoni hitting the winning shot in world cup agains Sri LankaComing back again to the lesser intense example, when G. Dott today hit his last shot he was calm and composed - not much difference in which i guess he played his first shot - though i didn't see it - but can sense! He looked professional... polished. On the contrary when Liang Wenbo showed his not-so-gentle victory gesture before shaking his victorious hands with Sullivan, only one or 2 day before, I was wondering - was this Snooker or Table tennis or may be soccer... and also was he aware right at that moment that his wheels of fortune would get stuck so quickly.

Adrenaline rush in a physically demanding game is more spontaneous or natural (though still not justified completely) - but not so much in a game like chess or billiards - which is more cognitive and subtle. So the victorious surge of emotion can only come from a faulty attitude to game or life in general. Some say one needs to thump that fist to boost one's own confidence. I say NO.

This is the same reason why I have a lot of respect for Dhoni - who doesn't celebrate much after a century or after taking the team across the victory line - or a VVS Laxman - who looks well within his limits of emotions. The very best in business - polished and professional - never showed their uncontrolled and bare emotions - of joy and happiness - after important - victories. Some that come to my mind are - Pete Sampras, Djokovic, Imran Khan and so on.

The agressiveness that a Dhoni or an Irman Khan displayed is more silent in nature and more intense. Silent agressiveness is more powerful and effective as it tends to penetrate into the psyche of the opponent.  They never lost their nerves when put under tremendous pressure. They never jumped after they won. They simply moved on silently - embracing their victory crown in silence and with humility. They never felt the necessity to boost their confidence agressively - because they had a different way of self-motivation - so evident if you look into their determined eyes. But you need eyes to observe those... Do you have? Calm, composed and effective. Each master in his own way of leading a team. Someone said - India is lucky to have Dhoni as captain. I can't endorse more. 

Get into the mode of gratitude - life becomes so peaceful.  


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