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Van Gogh Museum

Lazy morning tea... a quick hair cut and off we were set for saturday trip to Amsterdam. Took some photos in museumplein, near the water and the sculptures and then we made up our mind to visit The newly opened - Van Gogh Museum. A few steps from Hobemestraat - and we were near Van Gogh Museum. Apalled at the long queue initially.

But when i saw the below long queue of enthusiasts waiting to have a real glimpse of the master's art works... this is what came to my mind -

Life is nothing but continuation of inhalation and exhalation - The dogs do that - and so do we -
we have samsung galaxy S4 that we can play with,
mancheter united club that we can support our heart out with,
movies that we can enjoy and take inspiration from

But what difference it makes. Essence of life remains the same. WE exist, the dogs exist - and the difference is nothing.

We are playing safe all the time... going to office early...finishing the job before the deadline so that we are not kicked by our bosses....
But the dogs also do the same thing...they wag their tails in anticipation... so that the master doesn't stop throwing the bones.

an entire life goes in playing safe, in avoiding pain, in escaping embarassing moments, in doing things the right way so that we can have that extra balance in our bank that can give us warmth in our thought. So we don't see nightmares in dreams. Fucking life... sucks the bone marrow out of us in just keeping things safe and at the right place.

What is lost? What is lost ... if someone said... what is lost is you were robbed of your creative outputs that the world could have enjoyed. You have been robbed of your creativity that could have become immortal for eons. You have been robbed of this - as you see people in hundreds and thousands waiting outside the gate for hours to enter the museum.

All that pain and hard effort finally paid off - if of course, Van Gogh could see this from above, he would feel proud... and smile contentedly. The meaning of life - truly unleashed - yet many may declare that as futile introspection. 

Finally we got in and immediately started looking at the paintings. Cameras were allowed but using the flash was not. So I took some photos that I am posting here. The real art works from the real museum by the great great Van Gogh! Aren't you excited - Just hold your breath and scroll down... 

And the below painting - he did on an used canvas - I mean he had scrapped off a painting that he wasn't satisfied with and then repainted on that - Understandable, he wanted to use as much resources he could - there wasn't much money to buy painting materials.

There are 4 floors in the museum - the ground, the first, second and the third floor. Finally when you are all done and exhausted - having witnessed all the colorful and all types of art works - you would end up in the third floor. 

What an experience it was? Seeing the original paintings of van gogh - from such close proximity. His brush strokes - his endless pursuit towards perfection in his own way - the unwillingness to heed others or change his style - the adamant and strong will to go on and on - inspite of all odds - his life in loneliness and his letters to his brothers... his escapades -  to find whatever meaning and bliss to life he could find in immersing himself in paintings - all of this could be witnessed in this extraordinary museum.

A time travel - it was to the 19th century - when Van Gogh was alive. Strange - that there was none to help in his financial troubles, none to comfort and soothe his emotional turbulence - when he found it hard to buy canvas and paint - while now this museum generates so much money - per ticket 15 euro, i.e. approx Rs. 1050 in Indian currency (can't help - can't understand money's worth if not in Rupees) and thousands of people come to see... they are ready to throw money and witness such great art -

However my dear public - where were you, when he was alive and struggling? When he was having difficulty to buy canvas. Same was the feeling when I had been to National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru, where I saw Ramkinkar Baij's paintings - and somewhere I read in that exhibition that Ramkinkar Baij sometimes painted on bed sheets - because he had no money to buy canvas.

Anyway, salute to the Great Mater. We truly enjoyed your paintings and somehow can't state in words - our happiness and appreciation. We are speechless.

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