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Valiant Chelsea reaches final with 10 men

The unpredictable human mind! Just saw Terry kicking an opponent with his knee in this mega Champion's league semifinal, leg 2. Oops! An immediate Red Card ensued spoiling all charm of this fantastic semifinal. Whenever I found myself glued to TV to watch some major football match, more often than not a red card spoils the whole charm. Or is it that my memory only brings forth the red card matches? Whatever, but the question that arises in my mind is, 'Why the hell did Terry kick with his knee?'

An immediate ripple of thought arises as I can see that man is unpredictable in nature, to the extent that he surprises his own self by his actions. And it has happens so many times. Why did I lose my temper? Why did I behave in such puerile manner? We keep asking ourselves these questions after the storm gets over and calmness follows. And once more we got to see the same unexpected behavior from another footballer… this time Messi. He was lucky not to get a red card though. But definitely, worth asking many times, why on earth he needs to drag someone down on the field. Well I believe that's what happens when the chips are down. And the same thought might have occurred to him, "Why did I commit that foul?"

Overall Barcelona played some fabulous football. The whole unit worked like a well oiled machine with impeccable passes, mind boggling ball control and unimaginable speed. Most of the time they were in ball possession… but that’s of what use?  All that matters is goals and nothing else!!!!!

When Barcelona was leading 2-0 and Chelsea was down with 10 men, it seemed that Barcelona relaxed somewhat... and Chelsea took advantage. A fast counterattack was converted into a fabulous goal. It was a lob over the goalkeeper, Victor Valdes, executed with dexterity and poise and bringing the score line to 2-1. Status quo, from here on, would see Chelsea through to the final. So basically ball was in the court of Barcelona at halftime. 45 minutes of survival against Barcelona attack indeed demanded a lot of hard work, grit and determination. Was Chelsea up for it?

Post half time, the game was heavily dominated by Barcelona, however a small mistake proved costly for them. Torres who came as replacement of Drogba hit the final nail in the coffin for Chelsea. He took the ball all the way from the center, running fast and furious and dribbling the goalkeeper on his way, put the goal in the net, thereby destroying all hopes of the Barcelona Fans!

Barcelona was leading 2 goals to 0 and Chelsea was brought down to 10 men. The spirit of Chelsea stayed afloat and the defensive play displayed was superb. Chelsea managed to reach Champions League Final with ten men. This football match was a tremendous display of character by the 10 players of Chelsea. They fought hard and fought with self-belief. Lady luck was slightly in their favor as a Messi-kick recoiled from the crossbar! However, as they say, fortune favors the brave, the curtailed team showed just that in this heavily fought semifinal. And lady luck happily kissed Chelsea, bidding a final good bye to Barcelona.

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