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Unveiling the hidden guitarist!

I did this mistake again… judged someone on the basis of his proficiency in one field. Bharath Ram is his name. He would come in our Table Tennis hangout, play some rally, wait for his turn, play again and then finally leave. His table tennis skills were not that noticeable.

However he left an indelible mark on my mind yesterday when I saw him playing a guitar. And this incident happened by chance... I happened to locate him in an unexpected corner of our work place, assisting another Table Tennis partner, Prasath with some tips and advices. I had thought Bharath to be yet another of those typical guitar hobbyists, who play some time for fun and when the excitement dies down, leave the instrument unattended for dust to accumulate. I didn't have any inkling of what was in store for me!

I was awed by the movements of fingers on that guitar. I asked, "Can you play that... Summer of 69 of Bryan Adams?" And soon the hall reverberated with summer of 69 tune.

And it was sweet, magical and charming... everything... the way he held the guitar, the way he played and the confidence oozing out of him. I was intrigued! Bharath is a pro with his guitar and I soon came to know that he has already done some live shows with the band: oxygen!

Then I said, "What about Mark Knoffler's Sultan of Swing?" Our Bharath blushed a little. He humbly acknowledged, "Mark Knoffler is the king of guitarists and it's too difficult to play his songs." Being a hard core Metallica fan I was dying to hear some tune from Metallica and he obliged. He played the tune of one of the best songs - Nothing else matters.

Nothing else matters, truly, when you are a champion in one particular field! I was really impressed with Bharath Ram and very easily could make out that he had invested a lot of time and effort into this passion. It's not just a simple hobby! The reason being, I had a few friends who could play guitar, but none were as fluent, spontaneous and confident as Bharath. He has been playing on the guitar for more than five years now. I had expected it to be more than that!
We had a very nice time in that nook and we discussed so many things... his interaction with A.R. Rehman, desire to perform more shows in Bangalore, incidents that sparked his desire to learn guitar, the initial difficulties, challenges ahead, the art of coming up with good music on the fly, music composition in general and relived many more... pages from his memory book.

Finally we parted! I carried a nice feeling within and wondered, " is it that he had this special talent hidden and I didn't know." I soon realized that we interact with so many people and how can we know who is special in what field? You never know when you are in for a surprise. So it's always better not to frame an opinion about some one... and especially based on his ability in one particular field. Someone who is not so good in one field might be extraordinary in another!

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